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We’re a generic, free-for-all Mastodon instance hosted in The Netherlands. We’re welcoming to all that seek a place of enjoyment online while being excellent to each other.

On this blog we will share information about finances, technical details and other relevant stuff related to running a Mastodon instance.

Hey everyone. 👋

I hope everyone is doing well in the new year. I’d like to provide a quick update of our current financial situation and provide some insight into the recently made changes.

Open source software has been one of my very first introductions to computing. Way back in 1997 I got to install Red Hat Linux on a hand-me-down IBM PC and that led to me learn more about the inner working of computers than I could have ever imagined. A love for simple, open source software was born and I carried that forward by always open sourcing as much of my work as I can. To this day, even though my operating system is closed source, most software I’m using is open source.

Hey everyone! 👋

I wanted to provide you with a new update about the finances involving our generic Mastodon instance, toot.community.

Previous update: https://blog.toot.community/posts/server-costs-8-nov-2022/

I have introduced Ko-Fi, next to Patreon. Patreon is great, but they take almost 10% of all donations for their services. Ko-Fi is free; therefore, I’m posting this update from Ko-Fi as I intend to move Patreon into the background.

Hey everyone. 👋

I am providing some insights into the costs that toot.community is making to keep servers running happily.

Our infrastructure setup consists of multiple parts, which can scale independently of each other to adapt dynamically to current demand. Dynamic (pay-per-use) means that costs could ultimately be higher or lower. Since we’re still in the first month of operations, it’s hard to tell, but I’ll let you know when the first bill comes in on this page.

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